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Strategic Energy Development

US Energy Company excels in business development and marketing, creating value and strong customer relationships. We enhance the brand image for energy clients through face-to-face sales presentations marked by integrity and professionalism. Leveraging a direct marketing approach, we reach 99% of target markets, collaborating with renowned energy companies to acquire and manage profitable customer relationships.

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Insights From the President

"US Energy Company bridges the gap between energy suppliers and business class customers by building lasting relationships through in-person contact. Through courteous, professional, and service-specific presentations, we create a positive and lasting impression. Our approach enhances brand loyalty, which translates into increased revenues and long-term success."

President & CEO - US Energy Company

Explore a spectrum of tailored solutions in energy consultant services, wholesale negotiations, retail expertise, community and rooftop solar initiatives, and direct marketing strategies. Join us in shaping a sustainable and cost-effective energy future for your business.

Energy Brokerage

Unlock a world of possibilities with access to pricing and market research from 50+ global electricity and natural gas suppliers.


Delegate negotiations with generation companies to secure the best market pricing and terms on your behalf.


Rely on our teams of retail experts, strategically positioned across the country, for localized service excellence.

Community Solar

Embrace green energy without upfront costs by connecting to solar farms. Enjoy a win/win with 100% green energy and electricity bill credits for your contribution.

Rooftop Solar

Realize your solar ambitions for home and commercial projects, including cutting-edge storage battery solutions. Benefit from a dedicated team of solar experts, ensuring project attention and seamless progress to installation day.

Direct Marketing

Elevate your brand image and reputation with face-to-face sales presentations marked by integrity and professionalism. Our direct marketing approach reaches 99% of your target market, fostering profitable customer relationships with some of the most respected energy companies nationwide.

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